Cooking with Will Meyrick

One of our favourite things to do on vacation is experience and understand a local culture through its food. That is cuisine created from start to finish.

As Bali is and always has been an island where farming fresh produce and rice is a daily ritual, tourists are able to experience local cuisine in local settings. Giving you an all-access pass to “real Bali”, Will Meyrick (Mamasan, Tiger Palm, Hujan Locale) and his team offer tourists a first-hand experience, in the age-old farm to table techniques of Indonesia.

Taking you on a journey through the untouched regency of Tabanan to Canggu by way of bicycle, Will and his team unpack the traditions of Balinese farming and way of life. Riding through the regency’s rice terraces and river, you’ll be surrounded by local villages framed by mountains, quiet roads, priceless views and smiling faces.

Your first stop? A traditional Balinese market where a local style breakfast will fuel your transfer to your Canggu cooking class at Villa Cinta with Will himself. Based on the philosophy of introducing local produce to a wider audience, Will will lead you through five different Balinese recipes. As you prepare lunch together, you’ll learn to cook fresh produce and spices using age-old traditional techniques and cooking styles. When all is ready and done, you’ll feast like a king or queen.

Incorporate this unique experience of Bali into your next vacation with us, because as you’ll find out, there really is nothing like cooking and eating like a local.

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